Spun Sugar

Greetings, lovely people who like good food,

Once more I must report that the sourdough bread, being a labor of love that I’m sure will be well worth it, is still not complete. So, this week I have another short little recipe that was still very fun to make. I hope you enjoy!


Spun Sugar

The Recipe: No recipe used (see end of post)

The Goal: Crisp, delicate caramel twirls to use as cupcake toppers, decorations, or just to crunch for a sweet sticky snack!



This recipe is so simple and straightforward, I was fairly surprised it’s considered to be one of the more difficult techniques to perfect. That is, until I attempted the actual shaping and spinning process of the molten hot caramel myself.

The first step does take quite a while, which is melting down the sugar while stirring.

Dissolved sugar and water, bringing up to a boil.

Once the sugar is all melted, only shake and swirl the pot, do not stir it any longer, as it could crystallize. Continue to let bubble until it has achieved a nice warm caramel color.  I didn’t run into too much trouble with crystallization actually, but I have heard a lot of horror stories.

The color of the completed caramel. Looks yummy but is scorching hot!

At this point, I let the caramel cool down a little, so it was more sticky and able to be drawn out and shaped, as opposed to just a liquid. If at any point during the shaping your sugar gets too cool and starts to harden, you can just put it back on low heat for a few seconds and it should melt right back down to a workable consistency.

This part, the spinning and shaping, I found most difficult. I attempted to do a bird’s nest, first, by using a whisk and flipping it around in the air. However, after burning my arms and hands and not coming up with anything resembling a bird’s nest, I decided to stick with the safer method of slowly twirling spirals of sugar around the handle of a spoon. Sadly, it’s impossible to take pictures of yourself doing something that takes two hands and full concentration to do, so I have no images of myself demonstrating this part.

This method was still extremely difficult, and delicate, and most of my efforts snapped and crumbled. If I were to do this again, I would definitely invest in some better tools, especially little cones to twirl the sugar around instead of using spoon handles.

However, spoon handles though they be, I do believe I created some good spirals in the end, and I had fun doing it, despite hazard to life and limb. I hope you all can see how much I love you! 😉






1.5 C sugar

2 Tblsp water

Melt the sugar and water, stirring constantly, until the sugar is dissolved completely. Then stop stirring and increase the heat, bubbling the sugar syrup until it has turned a light caramel color. Remove from heat and let cool until it can be worked with, then use a fork to spin and mold into desired shapes.


4 thoughts on “Spun Sugar

    1. Absolutely! Cones out of parchment paper would be perfect, or just laying out parchment paper and tracing out the shapes you desire. Making a net, or a cage over a bowl are both possible too, with enough skill and patience.


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