The Goal: Delicate, lacy, savory crepes.

The Source: Crepes


I initially decided to attempt crepes as a quicker, easier version of injera. I wanted something to use for a chicken dish I made with berbere spice mix and hard boiled eggs, a play on “doro wat.” However, after seeing how quick and easy these simple, flavorful crepes actually were to make, I’ll be eating them much more often!

As usual, I did make a few substitutions just due to personal preference. Because I was planning to use it in a savory dish, I used olive oil while cooking to inject a little additional flavor. Additionally, instead of cow’s milk I used almond milk. I didn’t notice any significant change in the batter, and it looked as it should – light and foamy. 

Crepe 1

I would definitely suggest a crepe as a substitute for injera, for those who don’t like the sour taste or who don’t have the time/resources. My first crepe turned out a little doughy and stayed very pale, so I added a tiny sprinkle of sugar to the batter. It didn’t change the taste to sweet, but helped the crepes get a little more color. The rest, I poured more thinly and they turned out well. The main difficulty was in achieving a perfectly circular shape. The batter was much less easy to manipulate in the pan to achieve a good shape than injera, because you need to swirl it so it will be thin, but the heat needs to be high up enough to brown the crepes. Injera didn’t cook so quickly and hence was able to be manipulated more easily. 

Crepe 2

I did achieve one of a good shape, and the rest are just a little more ugly around the edges, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy consuming those ones just as much! And unlike injera, I’ll definitely make crepes again soon. Maybe next time I’ll do a sweeter version with some strawberries and cream, or nutella. Quick, easy, fun and delicious… Why not?

Crepe 3
Holding up my crepe to the light.

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