The Goal: Delicate, flavorful French macarons, with a light, crisp shell.

The Source: Classic French Macarons


I would like to take a moment to express my deepest thanks to my parents, who just purchased me a beautiful new rolling pin, and a glorious KitchenAid stand mixer. It’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me, and I couldn’t be happier. I love you guys!

To celebrate my new capabilities, I’ve decided to whip up some egg whites and make macarons. I found the whole recipe again, actually fairly simple as far as method and ingredients, but difficult to get exactly right. First, I whipped up the egg whites to soft peaks, then added the sugar slowly and continued whipping to stiff peaks.

Soft peaks
Stiff peaks, before adding vanilla.
My beautiful new mixer! And the completed egg whites, with vanilla and sugar.
Then I gently folded in a sifted mixture of powdered sugar and ground almonds.

At this point, the batter was complete, still light and foamy from the egg whites, but well mixed. I didn’t have a piping bag, so I just cut a hole in the tip of a Ziploc bag and it seems to work fine, though the shapes won’t be quite as perfect. 


The first two batches of macarons ended up having a very similar texture and taste, though in one I used vanilla, and in the other I didn’t. I did prefer the one with vanilla, but both were delicious, crisp, and impossibly light. I thought they were amazing, with a perfect texture, but there was a slight issue with an air pocket. You can see a few of them are a bit cracked, and were hollow inside. Still delicious, but not as perfect as I would have liked to achieve.

IMG_20170924_131634455 (1)

I asked a chef friend for her opinion on what had gone wrong, and she said I probably took the meringue too far past stiff peaks. Either that, or there was an issue with baking temperatures and times. However, I did give it one additional attempt with a looser meringue, and I still had a small air pocket in the finished product.

It’s definitely a recipe I’ll keep working on until I get it right, but I don’t want to subject you all to eighteen different batches of the same thing! I really enjoyed the process, and still produced some delicious cookies, so I’ll call it a… semi-success.

Some things you just can’t accomplish in one week. When I do get some picture perfect ones, I’ll be sure to share the secret… Until then, au revoir my lovelies!


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