The Goal: Fluffy, light and sweet homemade marshmallows.

The Source: Marshmallows


Greetings, lovelies! A note before I begin – I have recently been asked to start work on a very special and exciting project for a family member, and I will be dedicating a lot of energy towards that in the coming months. Thus, you may start seeing some more scaled back recipes for the time being…  Probably no more four-week sourdough bread challenges. 😉

That being said, I have decided to attempt the sweet goodness that is homemade marshmallows. I have a mixer and I’m making full use of it, damnit! I haven’t always been a huge fan of this treat, but I am assuming as with most things, the homemade version will be better.

I have made marshmallows once as a child with my mom, and I remember it being a very sticky and messy affair, with powdered sugar liberally scattered over every surface of our beings, so I am very much looking forward to all its gooey sugary glory. Wish me luck!

My first step was boiling up some sugar syrup, which was a fairly simple process. I stirred together the ingredients until they came to a boil, then let them continue bubbling for 9 minutes until clear. I actually found the syrup quite beautiful when completed! The addition of the corn syrup seems to have made it a different consistency and color than a caramel.

Sugar, corn syrup, salt, and water, bubbling away.

Then, I dissolved the unflavored gelatin in a little water in the bowl of my mixer, and set the speed to low, with a whisk. I slowly added the sugar syrup, pouring it over the course of a minute or so, due to the high temperature. At the beginning stages of mixing I was scared to death! I would increase the speed and then leap backwards away in case there was splash. The whole mixture is incredibly molten hot, believe me I know.

So far no burns, though… Annnd I probably just jinxed myself.

After two minutes of beating, the mixture still looked milky and viscous. Fairly disgusting, actually. However, the more I beat it, the more it begins to whiten and stiffen. I did get to the highest setting of mixing but only after four minutes or so, it was too liquid a mixture at first and would have splashed. I think being very gradual here was definitely the key.

After about six minutes of beating, the mixture was starting to look like a smooth marshmallow fluff. It did stay very hot during the whole mixing process so be careful not to touch the bowl on the outside or the mixture with your fingers.

It’s hard to gauge exactly how stiff it’s supposed to be since it just says “very stiff” in the recipe. I ended up going with a straight 12 minutes of beating as the recipe suggests, and it turned out very well.

Here’s a picture of the completed marshmallow mixture. During the mixing process the volume at least tripled if not quadrupled, so definitely be aware of that if you’re attempting at home!


You can see the consistency at this point was still soft gooey, but stiff enough to hold its form. I poured it into a prepared glass dish, and let it cool for about four hours.


Once the mixture had cooled completely, I coated a knife with vegetable oil and sliced the completed marshmallows. I found this whole process completely fascinating, and relatively easy. The taste and texture are vastly superior to the store-bought treats, and I can’t wait to try some of these delicious squares toasted to a golden brown. I strongly urge you to give these ones a try!


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