Cupcake Extravaganza!

Greetings, lovelies!

Happy time of red noses, frozen car doors, and season’s greetings, in my area of the world at any rate! I have been lax in posting due to general being busy with various Very Important Things, one of which being my sister’s wedding shower.

For this happy event, I was fortunate enough to be the one doing the cupcake decorations, while my mom ended up making the actual cupcakes. The delicious mixture of orange and chocolate vegan cupcakes were her own creation, and savored to the last crumb, showing time and again that you don’t really need eggs and milk and all that good stuff to bake things that taste great.

However, I had the paltry task of putting them all together, and I thought it turned out very charming, so I wanted to share with my lovelies!

First we dabbed frosting on the bottoms of the cupcakes, and arranged them in rows on a large piece of foam board. If I had it to do over again, I might wrap the board in some kind of festive colorful foil, but as it is, it still turned out cute. Then, using a large 2D piping tip, I piped interconnected rosettes on each cupcake, filling in the holes between cupcakes with smaller rosettes.

It was startlingly easy, but ended up making a pretty impressive finished result! Finishing touches include a green ribbon and a bracelet arranged as a necklace. I really hope you give this one a try for your next event, because it’s a fun and easy way to impress your friends.



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