Owl Cupcakes/Harry Potter Party!

The Goal: Cute Harry Potter themed red velvet cupcakes.

The Source: Red Velvet Cupcakes


Greetings, people who like good food! This week we’re venturing into the land of themed snacks and cupcakes, who could ask for anything more? This red velvet cake contains sour cream for a rich smoothness and plenty of dark cocoa for flavor. I thought it turned out delicious, fluffy but still flavorful.

The only thing I will say is that the color didn’t turn out red. Or at least, hardly red at all. The darkness of the cocoa completely overwhelmed it, and even though I added an entire tube of red gel food coloring, it still turned out looking basically like a slightly reddish chocolate cake.

The batter just before popping in the oven.

The decorations, however, couldn’t have been easier. In order to create the owls, you’ll need the following:

-Red and Orange M&M’s

-Double Stuffed Oreos

And that’s it! For the frosting, I used the same cream cheese frosting from the recipe, but separated it into two bowls. In one bowl, I added cocoa powder to give it that lovely chocolate flavor and dark color.

First I leveled the cupcakes slightly to make the decorating process easier, as they had a dome on top. I just used a knife to slice off the very top of the dome, then spread with the frosting. I made some white (Hedwig!) and kept some brown (Normal boring owls!), for a nice variety.

Then, the only frustrating part of the whole endeavor – Slicing the Oreos. It requires cutting them in half to reveal the center, and using the remaining cookie half for the eyebrows. I advise you to just take it slow, and remember that Oreos snap surprisingly easily!

Once you have the Oreos sliced, carefully press brown M&M’s into the Oreo centers to create the pupils of the eyes. Then arrange them touching each other on top of the cupcake. Tuck an orange M&M beneath the eyes for a beak, and place two halves of a cookie above the eyes, for the brows. It’s fun, simple, and I’m sure will be much easier to imagine if I just shut up and show you the pictures!

My little cupcake Hedwig.


A brown birdie.
The whole flock!
The snacks from the Harry Potter Party. You can see I also made pretzel and cheese broomsticks, tied together with chives! A fun time had by all.

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