Who Am I?


The long answer would involve some existential nonsense, and quoting Latin pretentiously. Nosce te ipsum!

The short answer would be, I’m Sarah Sokol.

Writing about myself isn’t really my forte. I’ve always preferred writing about fantastic adventures, stories of romance and peril. Ever since I was able to grasp a pen I’ve been attempting to churn out novels, poems, short stories, whatever I could manage to wrap my head around. I love books, and have spent far too many late nights unable to put down a novel until I’ve turned the very last page.

Words aren’t my only addiction. I also was a music major in college, studying opera and violin performance. While my skills have faded a little from the days of practicing hours on end, I still sing far too loudly in the car and shower.

I’ve always loved traveling, too, and have been moving about the U.S. as much as I can since I was quite young. Some of my favorite haunts include New Orleans, Kauai, and of course my beloved Portland, Oregon. Currently, however, I am happy to be stationary in a smaller town, and focusing on my current projects. Namely, this blog – which is very new and exciting – as well as my first attempt at self publishing a novel sometime later this year.